Protect Your Oral Health With an Emergency Dentist in Dorr

Even if you are extra precautious, emergencies can still happen. When they do, you want to know where you can go for help. Seeing someone right away can make the difference between keeping your smile intact and harming your oral health. As your emergency dentist in Dorr, Dr. Dudzik can:

  • Get to the root of the problem quickly
  • Help you avoid more extensive restorative procedures
  • Give you back your healthy smile
  • Restore your confidence in your oral health

If you are facing a dental emergency, call 616-202-5959 for an appointment. We strive to see patients on the same day whenever possible!

Save Your Smile With Emergency Dental Care

If you don’t think a dental emergency could happen to you, statistics say that one in five people will experience dental trauma in their lifetime. We’ve handled countless emergencies at our practice. If one happens to you, our team will get your smile back in shape. Depending on your immediate needs, we may recommend:

  • Tooth Filling – If you are dealing with a cavity or minor dental damage, our tooth-colored composite fillings can repair your tooth.
  • Dental Crown – A crown is often needed for a large cavity or more serious damage like a broken tooth. If that’s the case, we can create yours in one appointment, using our CEREC® system.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – When your gums are infected, we’ll treat the disease and restore your gum health with a deep cleaning procedure.
  • Tooth Extraction – We aim to save your tooth whenever we can, but sometimes it’s necessary to extract if it threatens nearby healthy teeth.

By visiting Dorr Family Dentistry, you’ll discover that we use the latest in dental technology to ensure your appointment goes smoothly. For example, digital X-rays capture clear images of your mouth structure and intraoral cameras help us see close-up details inside your mouth.

Get help from an emergency dentist in Dorr by calling 616-202-5959 for an appointment. For non-emergencies, you can also request an appointment online.